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About Cynefin ( 3 threads + 15 posts )

Here is where you will find the joining instructions, rules and regulations for the site, Cynefin's lore, and more information about the site!

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Character Central

Character Creation ( 61 threads + 125 posts )

Here is the place to submit a character application! Characters awaiting approval from Staff may not be played until the application has been stamped and sorted accordingly!

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Character Developments ( 11 threads + 19 posts )

In this board, you'll find places to plot stories for your characters, track their threads, put characters up for adoption and place wanted character ads!

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TWOLEG DEN SITE ( 3 threads + 18 posts )

A large mecca where the twolegs take residence. The Den site is the major city in town which includes a preschool, an elementary school, a middle school, a high school and a community college all within the same couple of blocks. There is also a large shopping mall and several businesses that twolegs work at. There are small neighborhoods interspersed throughout what our characters consider the Den Site, with more wealthier neighborhoods residing closer to the schools and lower income neighborhoods located by the shopping center and businesses.

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TWOLEG OUTSKIRTS ( 3 threads + 11 posts )

Just past the suburbs of the Twoleg Den Site lies the more outdoor areas where Twolegs will come and spend their time. More and more twolegs come to the Outskirts during New-Leaf and Greenleaf, winding down in Leaf-Fall with very little visiting during Leaf-Bare.

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Dog Days Are Over May 11, 2023 22:41:27 GMT -5


DEADLANDS ( 1 thread + 3 posts )

A desolate place that seems to not hold much twoleg life, if any at all. Despite it being relatively undisturbed by twolegs, the Deadlands have an eerie nature because not much life otherwise lives here, even flora.

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EVERGLADE ISLES ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

A large collection of islands and bridges that connect them, the Everglade Isles are comprised of salt marshes although the water surrounding them is miraculously somehow fresh water. Lots of reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects and water fowl can be found around the Everglade Isles.

GREEN GRASSES ( 11 threads + 46 posts )

Green Grasses is the largest conglomeration of verdant areas. With forests, fields and meadows, it is the most habitable section of land to live. The northernmost part of Green Grasses lays Snake Rock, where the other end of Big Treecut Bridge meets its other end. Green Grasses is more wide than deep as it spreads north and south, but the further inland you push, the closer you get to the colder and more forested areas. The Grasses are primarily flatlands.

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TOADSTOOL SWAMPLANDS ( 0 threads + 0 posts )

Located in between the Green Grasses and Sun High Shores, the swamplands were once made of sister rivers of the Songbird Streams. However, after seasons of drought, much of the territory has dried out besides the bog. Due to the heavy tree coverage in that area, the bog remains muddy and dangerous for smaller cats.

SUNHIGH SHORES ( 1 thread + 7 posts )

Located on the most southwestern area of the region, the Sunhigh Shores contain all of the beachy areas. Many twolegs will hike or sail here from across the bay, as it's too far to reach with their monsters. But due to the distance, unless they take those methods, the beach is otherwise undisturbed year-round by twolegs.

SNOWY CLIFFS ( 3 threads + 24 posts )

The mountainous region which possesses a beautiful chain of blue-ridges. The peaks are always white even when it hasn't snowed, but the area is always colder than anywhere else.


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Completed threads, resolved issues, answered questions- all general threads completed will be filed here! Warning: Nostalgia can be found here, but feel free to reminisce!

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